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Sarah Harris - Wedding weekend

This Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the day at Jonny's cousins wedding near Liverpool. It was a beautiful day and we got very excited when we saw the sea. Living in very landlocked Nottingham this is a big deal for us! I have to admit that Jonny saw it first and started beeping the horn in excitement, yes, we really are that sad!

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Erica Vonderwall

wedding belle

i have approximately 100 weddings to attend this summer*, and as those dates creep closer, the more i start to think about what to wear... despite the fact they are all different groups of friends, there is absolutely no way i can wear the same outfit, right? i don't know the rules about wedding outfit recycling; i haven't been to a lot of weddings in my time. but, to have 3 weddings roll out within 2 months of each other, well, it's thrown me into a panic.

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Lizzie Ashcroft


Valentines day was very special for me, obviously spending the day with the people I love and also receiving something truly amazing- I am a very lucky girl. I put this dress on a wish list not long ago and obviously someone got a hint! This dress is from a site called Celeb Boutique which I'm sure most of you have heard of. I love all the dresses there and now I've had my 1st, i feel like I need another! This dress isn't on the site anymore but there are plenty similar and just as gorgeous on there so defiantly go have a look.

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carolyn mcafee

Inspred By... and more that I'm wearing...

Do you have a jumpsuit yet? Me either! I'm not completely opposed, I just haven't made it there yet!

I do like the more blousy bottom though (hammer time), paired with heels. That was my inspiration for the look this week

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Andrea Beck Melegari

Metallic Garments & Accessories

Hi followers,

Today I suggest you a selection of metallic garments and accessories that you can match as you want!

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Glam ChicQ8

What They Wore

In retro style, Kuwait's stylish turned up to turn out during #LusciousGoesretro.

I must say i was rather disappointed because a majority of the attendees didn't dress to the theme but to the few that did, they rocked it out.

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Beth Goodrham

Mum on the Run

3 outfits for progressively colder days - at this rate I'll be in my long johns before long!

Be gone Shane Warne! That's sorted him out. I'm quite impressed that I managed to uninstall a program on my computer. I didn't even know that you could do such a thing but apparently you can, hence his demise.

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Amy B

Brown and Beige Saturday Outfit

Hello Everyone. This is the outfit that I wore on Saturday. Which man it was cold that day. It was 46 degrees and raining out. I wore my coat over this outfit all day. I know my outfit haven't been anything special lately.

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