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Amanda Stines - One Simple Black Maxi Dress, Four Fabulous Ways!

Now, we have all heard of the LBD (Little Black Dress) which is practically a staple in most women's wardrobes. Once the spring/summer season rolls around and you are looking for that perfect little something that is casual, chic and, versatile at the same time..

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Mia Smith

Weekend Wishlist No.1

It seems quite appropriate I do a wishlist, there is a LOT of stuff I want right now and it really does suck terribly that I have about £4.50 to my name.

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Jamie Lou Borile

Cats and Roses

I've been wanting to wear this floral skirt from Maldita's Stop for a long time now, but when I saw this cat tights at Romwe, I knew I had to wear these two lovely items together!! So yeah, I waited for the tights first before I could wear the skirt. Hihi~ but I think, it's really worth the wait because I really, really, really love this outfit!!! *ooh too much exclamation point*

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Bree Wilkins

dots + stripes | tan & navy

It has been raining in the city which has cooled the temperature down - thank heavens! So I was able to be comfortable in some of the heavier weight shirts I brought. I wore this on Tuesday when my husband and I celebrated our 1 month anniversary! French food at Le Grainne Cafe and pie at Billy's Bakery.

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Rebecca Sullivan

Peplum Remix

Any trend that has staying power and high remix power as the PEPLUM gets my 100% vote! With just easy tweaks... see how I transform the peplum from weekend...

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Fat in the City

How do you feel about getting older?

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday but I still feel like I'm 16. I don't like early mornings, going to the dentist and taking my medicine. I wish I could get up at noon and lye on my bed in my bath towel and eat chocolate cake and drink apple juice all day. But I can't because I'm an adult now. In my adult life I get excited when chicken breasts and shrimp are on sale. In my adult life I love designer shoes and romantic dinners.

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dapo sodipe

Basics: Men's Fashion Tips You Should Know

At a point when dressing you've asked yourself about matching your ties with your shirts or socks with your pants and other assorted questions at some point in your live. Every man wants to look different and create his own fashion statement. We all want to pointed out as the most fashionable man in our workplace. Here are some important men's fashion tips to live by which should at least clear up some confusion about a few things.

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