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Kike Omolehinwa

Casual Monday - Walk With Me Downtown

Lots of pictures... I know!!! So I took a stroll downtown with a friend the other day because even though I've lived in Windsor since 2011, I've been downtown less than 3 times. Of course, I've driven through it and hustled for the bus there too, but I never actually had the chance to walk on the streets and just take in beauty of the streets. Needless to say, I was very excited to be able to make time out to go. We had so much fun and I found more interesting locations to shoot OOTD pics.

I wanted to look stylish, but not too dressy because Windsor is a really laid back city. I wore some of my Summer wardrobe staples in this outfit to complete the look effortlessly. Where do you live and what's the fashion like there?

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