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We have made a list of features that we may plan to implement in the near future. Please Login & Like the ones you most want to see.

The ones with the most likes will be put into action first.

If you have any other suggetions please leave a message in the form below.

Search Outfits

I would like to be able to browse peoples outfits by height, size, style and colour.

Like and comment notification

I would like to receive a message or notification when someone has liked my photo or left a comment

Blog Widgets

I\'d love to share Outfit Hive with my followers, to both enhance users and people who I can follow.

Favourite Outfits

A feature to store favourite photos - (the outfits I see that I want to refer back to).

Outfit Poll

I would like to add multiple outfits and ask users which I should wear to a particular occasion.

Expert Tips

Regular tips from a stylist or other fashion expert

Web App, iPhone App

The add photo feature is not behaving correctly on the iPhone. Maybe a mobile app would work better?

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